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Title: Hello Parents! Welcome to Our Community!
Post by: Greenie on April 13, 2008, 08:29:59 pm
Off The Beaten Path is a community that promotes natural family living and advocates natural solutions to parenting challenges. The first request that we make of all member is to please treat ALL posters with respect and courtesy. Threatening other members and their families, abusive language, and viciousness will result in immediate removal from the forum. The purpose of this community is to give and receive support. We respect the privacy of our members, so we would never sell your information. We also won't spam you and ask that you return the favor. Copying and pasting of posts made by members of this community is also not allowed.


We also do not tolerate discrimination of any sort, including but not limited to Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, or Religious Affiliation. Since this is a Natural Parenting site, we are not interested in hosting discussions that blindly endorse Routine Infant Circumcision, Elective Cesarean Section and Induction, Mandatory Vaccination, Spanking and other Physical Punishments, Ignoring Children's Needs, letting your babies and toddlers Cry It Out, or Formula Feeding by Choice. We believe in doing the best that you can for your children, always putting them first, and making truly informed decisions for your children. Discussion is always welcome, but we do not endorse these practices.


We do endorse Attached Parenting, Gentle Discipline, Natural Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Co-Sleeping, Respecting Body Integrity, Cloth Diapering, Holistic Healing, Home Education, and Trusting Nature.

Thank you for visiting!

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